When My Boyfriend Wants Me Bustier

Would you like to spend date night in? We can shut off all the distractions and just spend time together. Are you upset that I borrowed your hoodie? I like wearing your clothes. Your sweatshirt is comfy and smells like you, and it makes me feel like I’m cuddled in a big hug.

I don’t think that’s true that you grow into what you wear. Besides, I’d have to wear your clothes all the time. I just wanted to get comfortable together and have sex, but we could play video games instead. Oh, maybe we should wait to order dinner though. My boobs feel achy. Oh! Suddenly, they’re just inflating, like balloons on for tits, swollen up so full, so fast.

Are you interested in sex now, after this erotic breast expansion has made me grow a heaving pair of jumbo sized bimbo tits? I’m not upset. I’ve always wanted big boobs, but I’m worried that my boobs will keep growing right through your hoodie! What if I can’t get it off in time, and they grow right through it? I know this is your favorite hoodie, and I don’t want to tear it. Well, would you just like to spend the rest of the evening having sex, or could you check to see how much my boobs have grown by fucking them?

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