Whips, Chains, and Wooden Spoons

Three tools at my disposal, but which will be chosen first? My backside is ready to taste the sting of each tool beside me, knowing that it will be red and aching with naughty delight. Tingling with excitement, my butt cheeks are itching to feel the kiss of each painful spanking awaiting me, twitching despite knowing their future. I’m ready to test my new whip against some of my favorite spankers.

My cheeks are already burning, and I’ve barely begun! I slap my ass hard, using the paddle to smack out hot red hearts lined up on each side. This hurts so good! The chain flogger whip is a cold, stinging rain of metal bits biting into my booty, quickly turning my butt a deeper shade of red.

Only the wooden spoon is left to punish my rear end. My lingerie does nothing to protect me, the high waist lace thong lingerie panties leave my bottom perfectly exposed for lots of spanking. The soft waist trainer corset keeps my back straight and my booty popped out for prime spanking target. I bend over and let you test each of the toys, spanking my ass with the wooden spoon, the heart cut out studded paddle, and the chain whip flogger until you’ve turned my behind a bright shade of burning red that stings and burns to be touched.

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