Wife Sized In The Palm Of Your Hand: Part 1 Shrinking Housewife

Hey honey, what did you want for dinner? Oh, you canceled our plans? I’m happy that you want me all to yourself, but I’m confused. What do you mean, that I’m in for a big shock?

Oh! The room is getting so much bigger! Why am I suddenly shrinking so rapidly? Quick! Pick me up in your hand, but be careful. Don’t drop me! I’m so tiny at this size.

Did you really shrink me so tiny, just so that I could be smaller than your cock? At this size, I could ride your finger. There’s no way you could face fuck me, but I could sit on your lips. Only if you don’t accidentally eat me! How would we have sex at this size? I guess I could ride your fingers. Here, hold still and let me try it! Let’s see how I fit, humping your palm and then fucking myself so deep with just the tip of your finger! I’m so small now that I’ve been through this shrinking transformation, that it’s not safe to let me out of your pocket, unless you’re taking me out for sex. Let me hump your hand and see how it feels, fucking your large hand while I’m so teeny tiny, and I want to watch you jerk off for me while I cum in your hand!

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