Your ExeCUTErix GFE

Do you have anything special planned for date night tonight? I have very specific plans for our final date night together before we take the last big step in our relationship. What about any sexy fantasies on your bucket list? We’ve been carefully acting out all of your most vivid, pleasurable, and intensely kinky desires to make sure that you’re as satisfied as possible.

I was hoping our last night together could be intimate and romantic, sexual for sure. Unfortunately, I hate to leave you so confused, and I will be so sad to see you go, but time has run out faster than anticipated and I’m the only person qualified to handle your contract. The naughty sex list we created was to ensure you lived a fully satisfied life first.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to fall so madly in love with you while we lived together, so this is more difficult than planned, and makes me long for just one more chance to fuck before I smother you with my butt. I’ll make this as romantic and sexual as I can before the timer runs out and they come to see if I’ve completed your contract. Since I love you, I’ll let you choose your own ending. I thought it would be nicer for you to be ass smothered while receiving a hands free orgasm, so I’ve strapped you into the milking machine. I pull off my sweater, to sit on you in my opaque black fleece tights and cinched, steel boned corset, giving you the ideal view beneath my no panties ass in tights while I start the countdown timer, talking to you gently the entire time to encourage one last orgasm and ease your passing just moments after.

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