About Me

Hi! My name is Rose Black! Thank you for reading. You might have seen me around the internet on sites like reddit, twitter, manyvids, tumblr and clips4sale.

Silly Southern MILF who likes shiny things and orgasms. My favorite color is blue and nail polish is my passion. I currently have 5 tattoos and 10 piercings (most of which you can’t see. 😉 ) with plans for more body modifications. Platform stilettos, lace and silk are some of my favorite things to wear, but due to my MILF status you’ll often catch me wearing just a t-shirt and sexy panties. I’ve been in the camming industry since January 2011 and have found my way to the fetish side of the internet. To date, I’ve filmed over 1000 unique fetish videos. As long as interesting scripts and people keep coming my way, I’ll keep filming! 
Interesting facts: army brat born and bred, pitbull lover, domestic Goddess and DIY extraordinaire, lover of death metal, happy driver of a soccer mom mini van, eager roadtripper, and gardening enthusiast.