Braless Is Best

It’s been years since I gave up bras. Refusing to wear the damned things any longer, I’m so much more comfortable going braless all the time. Besides that, I’ve got a kinky secret under my shirt. Giving just a hint of my surprise, I bounce up and down slightly, a light jingling coming from beneath my shirt.

Pulling at the laces, I tease with the bells ringing from under my top. Once I’ve set free my tits, they jingle freely. Every little movement, even just breathing, has the bells on the nipple clamps jingling. With my natural MILF tits bouncing hard, the bells on the nipple clamps ring loudly, and pull hard on my nipple piercings.

A few times I bounce so hard, that the nipple clamps pull tight and fall right off. My tits jiggle so hard that the bells cannot hold up, bouncing and ringing right until they fall off. I tighten them when I put them back on, but they tease my pierced nipples even harder. I bounce my tits until they’re throbbing, all the boob bouncing making the weighted bells pull on my nipple piercings. By the time I finally take the jewelry off, my nipples and boobs ache with the need for attention.

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