Stretching My Sweater

Something has been going on lately. I gained some weight, so I didn’t think anything was strange at first. However, I’ve just been feeling off. I can’t quite figure out exactly why I feel this way, but something about my body is changing. It wasn’t just weight gain, it was more than that. I could feel it like a tightness in my sweater at first. Then it grew. What is going on?! I could feel my nipples swelling and getting tight, sensitive and hard, perky through my sweater. It was something, changing me from the inside out. Quickly! I was growing out of control. Would I get stuck in my sweater? First it just stretched a few cup sizes. My breasts were incredibly sensitive, and it felt like they might just grow right out of my sweater. I could barely get my arms around them. Could they bust all the way through? My tank top slid down as my breasts outgrew it, but my sweater stretched into a strained crop top around my tits, with my underboobs flashing if I let them bounce or jiggle too much. I love the way it feels, but I’m not sure that I want them to ever stop growing.

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