Sweater And Tights: Cozy GFE JOI

These opaque black fleece tights are warm and cozy, but
my green cable knit turtleneck sweater is even warmer. I’m so
touchable in these tights and sweater. Don’t you just want to run your
fingers all over my body?

Start with your fingertips at my toes, then slide them all the way up
as you explore my deliciously comfy clothes. Snuggle up and get close,
as I encourage you to jerk off for me with non-stop dirty talk. Fluffy
and fuckable, my tights may be tight but my clothes are easy access.

Jerk off and savor every inch as you caress my fleece covered legs and
braless sweater. Where will you start, and where will you end, on your
journey to touch every inch of my velvety winter wear? Stroke yourself
to this tights and sweater fetish themed GFE JOI with sexy posing and
masturbating instructions as I pose and tease you.

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