The Cuckold’s Wife

Custom video: “You confess that you met a really fit guy, whether it be at the gym or just out and about and one thing led to another. You start going through the escalating sex acts you did with him. After each act, say it doesn’t count as cheating.

You started touching his dick, so you justify that it doesn’t really count as cheating since its just that. And then you started sucking him off and do the same thing, justify it by saying its not cheating because its just a blowjob, and on and on through full sex and him cumming in you. The justifications really don’t need to be very logical(obviously its cheating) but I find the making excuses to cheat super super hot, especially when there ends up being no real defense for it.

I would love for it to end up with you concluding that since none of that was actually cheating you are going to keep doing it and i should be very happy for you. I have a fetish for big dicks, so it would be a bonus if you would talk about how big he was and how perfect it was, calling it a real man’s cock or something like that.

I really love that sweet loving kind of cuckolding which you do in a mind blowing way. I like the jealous but being unable to stop it kind of feeling. I would enjoy playing with a dildo to really push home the image of it being a big dick. A little bit of oral play would be nice.”

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