The Unexpected Expansion

Custom video: “5 minute custom video based on the previous body inflation scene. You start off bitchy and confident raising your finger at the POV. “Let me tell you…” you suddenly stop speaking as you feel an odd pressure building up in your fingertip.

You look in total shock as you examine your fingertip swelling up in front of your eyes. You start to whine and moan as you try to process what’s happening. Without trying to sound worried, you demand to know what’s happening as you feel the sensation spread.

You embarrassingly start to feel your cheeks and chin swell slowly and you awkwardly try to cover them and push them down (maybe stuffing your cheeks between cuts?) throughout the video, you coo and moan as you act out the process of inflating, getting frustrated at the fact that you cant do anything to stop it, commenting on the different parts of your body (double chin forming, feet getting too fat for your shoes, ass getting stuck in your chair etc.) and demanding the POV help you before you float away.”

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