An Erotic Apparition

Please, human! Help me! I may only take this form once a year to remember the pleasures of the mortal flesh. Alas, my time is fleeting and if I fail to gather the lust of men this night, I cannot return again. I am not whole, merely a haunt of what I once was. If you grant me your orgasm, I may be permitted to return again next year, and can remember what it feels like to be human for just one night.
All you must do is cum. Cum for me. Let me possess you and taste the beauty of sex again. Give me your desire and sustain this shade. I promise no harm will come to you or those you love if you help me. Simply give me this one solace, cum for me, and I will protect you and your’s with my paranormal powers.

I need not more than once, and off I will be again, nothing more than a shadow to simply exist. I am hardly more than mist, and if you do not hurry, I will be gone forever, damned eternally to live as a shell of ghost. Please, grant this tormented soul one ephemeral bliss. What happens on this dark evening will be a secret shared between us, nary more than a quick dalliance to be forgotten again until next Hallows. Gift me with this quick memento of life, cum for me

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