Ass For Anal

I must admit, dear husband, that I’ve discovered your porn viewing history. The trend was quite obvious, and it got me to thinking about when you asked to have anal sex. All that pondering has me at a conclusion, that you can fuck my ass, when I can fuck your ass.

If you can get fucked by this strap-on just once, then I’ll finally let you have my ass. I’ll give you the decision, you take my anal fucking first or pound me first. What will you choose? While I’m cock plunged, thrusting in your ass, I’m going to make you jerk off at the same time.

The least you would expect from me while having anal sex would be to rub my clit, so I expect you to stroke your cock as well. Match your pumping in time to my strap-on thrusting. This will all be worth it when you finally unload, balls deep into my tight asshole, but you’ve chosen to get pegged first, and I’m going to make sure you cum so fucking hard

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