Birthday Sex With Myself

It’s my birthday and I’m giving myself the best gift at the top of my wishlist! Orgasms! I’ve got the house to myself and I’m ready to celebrate. My pierced pussy throbs inside my lace lingerie, eager to ride my vibrating wand.

I’m going to edge until my pussy gushes around my sex toy. All I want for my birthday is lots and lots of orgasms! As many as I can have! I grind hard into my vibrator and moan quietly, softly savoring every tiny sensation as it ripples through my clitoris and pulses down my vulva, making the juices flow until they soak the lace.

My pussy swells around the toy, plump and fuckable, as it twitches begging to be fucked. I hump the vibrator and squeeze it between my soft thighs, riding the pleasure for all its worth. This day will be the day I celebrate me in the way that only I can, with so many orgasms that leave my legs shaking and weak. The only thing that could make this day even better would be more new vibrators to fuck myself until I couldn’t anymore! Birthday sex is always what my pussy wants, and that’s exactly what it gets when I fuck myself until my clitoris throbs with arousal and drips with sticky cum.

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January 11, 2020