Boob Science

Welcome to the future of boob science! The end of all
uncomfortable breast augmentation is here! I’m so excited, but also
nervous, about being the first human to test the ultimate boob ray.
While the final name of our project is still officially pending, I
have been the head of this experiment, and giddy to get started with
the last phase of testing to complete this. Here goes nothing!

As soon as Rose feels the waves of the lasers around her, her breasts
visibly start growing immediately!

Oh my gracious, goodness! Please, would you let me borrow your shirt
or pants? I was not prepared for this! My dress is now too short to
neither be a dress, nor shirt. Oh my this is embarrassing! We cannot
let this stop the completion of the human trials though. We must
finish the experiment and make sure it works!

The second wave of lasers immediately makes Rose’s already huge fake
tits balloon visibly expand from big to massive bimbo tits!

I can’t cover my tits and my pierced pussy! If I let go of my shirt to
cover my breasts, my hairy bush is shown, but as soon as I try to
cover my vulva, my tits pop right out of my shirt-dress. Oh this is
embarrassing, but I’m feeling so horny! Should we continue the
experiments or …or…..oh I can’t think straight when I’m this
aroused and my growing breast expansion problems are turning into an
overwhelming erotic bimbofication transformation! Fuck me!

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