Happy Halloween

Your wife has some Halloween tricks and treats for you. But, what could they possibly be? She doesn’t have anything in her hands, and she’s hardly wearing anything at all. Dressed in just an orange Halloween shirt and bodystockings, at first, it seems quite obvious what treats she could have in store.

She nudges you to sit back, encouraging you to watch quietly as she winks and licks her lips, pumping her hand up and down to encourage you to start masturbating while you watch her take her clothes off. She starts to tease you by toying with the hem of her shirt, very slowly. There’s nothing to take off though! She’s just wearing panties and her long sleeve shirt over the bodystockings. What game is she playing at? A strip tease is lovely, and always fun, especially right before anniversary sex, but it seems like there’s something more up her sleeve.

Saying nothing at all, she watches you closely, licking her lips as she silently encourages you to jerk off while she strips, teasing you with her body in the fishnet bodystockings and costume lingerie. She pulls the tries on her panties, undoing the string, and letting them drop. Spreading her ass, she shows off her hairy bush and pierced pussy, but you were already expecting anniversary sex, and she hasn’t said a damn thing yet. What in the world is she planning? You were anticipating something, anything, but she just looks at you coy, staying silent, then licking her lips again. Before you could ask what she wanted for dinner, or what her intentions for your night together were, she leans in close, winking and licking her lips again. Why doesn’t she just fucking get naked already? What in the world is she planning? Where the hell is dinner? Your questions will never get answered, but she’s got anniversary plans, and she’s going to keep them all to herself. Before you can discover what she intended, she leans in close, blowing you one last kiss…..before……before the end…..

Happy Halloween……..may your spooky night be full of frightfully delightful tricks and treats….far more treats, than tricks…..

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