Spankings For The Naughty List

Am I on the naughty list? Did you double check it twice? I can’t risk not being on the naughty list this year, so I’ll just have to do something about it. I could take matters into my own hands, or I could set some bells to jingling.
Will a few slaps on the ass be enough? Just in case they aren’t, I’ve come prepared! This studded spanker should make my ass bright, rosy red and warm! A hard round of spankings will get me on the naughty list so that Santa gives me an extra special visit.
I’m not looking for any lumps of coal in my stockings, more like extra slaps on the other side of my ass. I spank myself so hard that the bells on my naughty santa keep jingling even after my booty stops jiggling. The bells are ringing and my butt is stinging, but I spank it so much that my heiney glows red hot beneath my black pantyhose. I roll them down and go to town spanking myself even harder with the spanker, leaving heart shaped imprints everywhere it leaves its kiss. With all this kinky naughtiness, I’m sure to be on bad Santa’s list with a spot reserved on his lap just for me!

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