Timed JOI Strip Tease Game

You’ve got 10 minutes to stroke it before I will give you
10 seconds to cum. This game will be fun, but it will be hard and keep
you edging constantly. With each piece of clothing removed, you’re
going to speed up your stroking, jerking off faster with each
discarded clothing item that hits the floor.

First goes my skirt, then my thigh highs and corset, making you edge
faster than expected as I quickly remove a few teasing layers, only to
reveal I’m wearing a bodystocking underneath. This game will be hard,
but so much fucking fun as you edge harder and harder, watching the
seconds tick off on the clock closer and closer to you cumming. If you
stop pumping it, I stop stripping. Stop edging, and I get dressed.

My lingerie and dirty talk will make you jerk off in rhythm with my
stripping, increasing your speed and grip pressure as I strip slowly
closer and closer to naked. You’re going to be aching, throbbing for
that final cum countdown as you wait for release. Prove your stamina
and cock control as you edge and stroke it in this timed JOI game with
cum countdown and strip tease in fetish clothing, leather corset,
gloves, wet look thigh highs, glasses, and red lipstick.

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