Wife Sized Gets Naughty: Part 2 Shrinking Housewife

Wait, you want to shrink me again? Be careful! You almost dropped me last time. Will you be shrinking me until I’m tiny, or will you go even smaller this time? How am I supposed to give you a full body massage if I’m so small….

Oh! Wow! My body is smaller than your cock! Oh my, I can really watch it throb at this size. How will I fuck it? I can try to wrap my arms around your dick and stroke it, or maybe I could even wrap around it in a giant hug and use my entire body to pump it up and down. With me at this size, you really do have me all to yourself.

There’s no way for me to climb down from your erection, but if I make your giant cock ejaculate at this size, I’ll be swimming in cum! Shrinking me down to this teeny tiny height means that I’ll be entirely drenched in jizz if you cum on me. Be careful! You could cum and wash me away entirely!

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