28 Birthday Spanks

It’s time for birthday spankings and my booty is scared! The new paddle I received as a gift is studded with metal bits on both sides, and there are heart cut outs to make sure a mark is left everywhere it makes contact with my skin. Even my lingerie has been picked to leave a clear path for smacking my ass.

28 birthday spankings are going to hurt! But it’s more than just 28, it’s 28 spanks on each butt cheek and then 28 spanks divided between them. My ass is going to be glowing red hot! There’s no way this paddle won’t leave heart shaped prints from slapping my ass so many times over. My butt cheeks are going to be stinging and tingling!

Bent over and butt cheeks spread, my ass is ready to be spanked and slapped to ensure a happy birthday can be achieved. I wobble slapping my left ass cheek, but clear each slap on my right cheek with an echoing SMACK. The length of the paddle makes up for the spaces I can’t reach across on my left butt cheek as it slaps across both ass cheeks and smacks the gap it straddles in a burning sting! By the time my birthday spanks have been doled out, my legs are wobbly and my booty is pink and red around all the edges.

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January 8, 2020