Busting Out For Date Night

This dress you laid out for me to wear for date night is incredibly short. I’m not sure I feel so comfortable wearing this out of the house! Did you forget to include panties with this outfit? All I saw was a thong, and there’s no way this is a full dress without panties…..

Why don’t we just stay home and watch movies together and cuddle? I’m not feeling very sexy, and this dress is just so short, that it would be embarrassing to wear it in public and accidentally flash my thong upskirt. Oh, my breasts! They feel so swollen suddenly. What’s happening to me?

OH! My bust is nearly to bursting! My dress is now a very short shirt! Mmm, my nipples are throbbing, and I feel so engorged! If I bend over, this shirt dress is indecent, and really shows off my ass in this thong. How about we just stay home and fuck instead? There’s nothing embarrassing about being wanting to fuck my husband because I’m horny! Ooh, how about we try a tit fuck? You could jerk off and cum all over my tits and face, and then even fuck your cum into me. Change of plans for date night tonight! We’re staying in and fucking until morning!

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