Frigid To Feisty

Are you sure you want to do date night tonight? I’m just feeling so blah and worn out, but I guess we could order in or something, maybe delivery. There’s no way we’re going out when I just don’t feel sexy at all. Oh, my head feels fuzzy.

Suddenly, my glasses are not helping the way they should. What is happening to my body? It feels like electricity, but erotic, and transforming my body completely from the inside out. Mmm, I can’t help myself, not when I feel like this. Quick, order delivery for dinner, and then take off your pants.

From now on, we’re staying in for date night so we can fuck all night long. Let’s see if we can break our own sex records and have more orgasms than our last sex marathon. We’re going to fuck until we can’t walk anymore, until our legs give out, and we fall into bed in a sweaty, panting, dripping mess. Whatever has come over me, I can’t feel embarrassment over it anymore. I just need to fuck RIGHT NOW.

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