Flustered Up A Storm: EMNF Stripped In The Park

I like to do my cardio after my weight training when I’m finished with the gym. Will you be joining me for a jog in the park today, or are you just passing through? The storms aren’t supposed to hit until after dinner time, definitely past dusk, and the sun is still out and shining, so we should have plenty of time for a nice walk after we jog through the park since you waited for me to get finished at the gym. I’m not sweaty or tired yet! Let me just grab my water and and retie my shoes, and we can get exercising. Hey, wait a second, do you see that cloud over there?

It looks a bit funny, but it doesn’t seem to be bothersome until suddenly my water bottle vanishes when it flashes a strike of lightning near me. Odd, but not entirely alarming. We can still go for our walk, but we’ll just have to share hydration and keep an eye on the sky for dangerous weather and errant bolts of static. Hey, hold on, do you see that? Something looks off about those ominous clouds approaching. Nature seems a bit eerie suddenly. Is that cloud moving towards us faster now? Oh no, oh no! It’s going to zap me!

Ouch!!! My shoes! Now my socks, and even my shorts! They’ve disappeared! There’s something very NOT normal about those weird clouds! That scary, swirling, thunderous black one seems to be trailing me now. What should I do? They say to get down in a ditch to avoid lightning, but it’s following me! Oh my!!!! Now the strange storm has zapped off my clothes in a poof of electricity. I’m naked! Why, oh, why did I not wear panties and a bra today?!? I’m completely naked and in the middle of the public park! I don’t even have my phone to call for help. Some friend you are! You’re just standing there laughing. The least you could do is offer me your shirt!!!

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